The following links are meant to serve as a collection of resources and information relating to the Canon 5D Mark II. Some of the websites listed may present ways of using or tweaking the Canon 5D Mark II (or other cameras) in ways that may potentially damage the camera or void the camera's warranty. Please proceed with caution at your own risk.

       Redrock DSLR Rigs
       Cinevate DSLR Rigs
       JuicedLink (Audio Input)
       Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki (DryOS "Hack")
       MPEG Streamclip (Batch convert h.264 to editable format)
       JES Deinterlacer (Frame Rate / Format Converter)
       Converting 5D Mark II footage from 30p to 24p (23.976)
       Deshaker (Removes Rolling Shutter Artifacts using VirtualDub)