Given his profession, it may seem ironic that Dan grew up without a TV. However, it was this seeming "void" that served to magnify and nurture his imagination and creativity. In fact, Dan attributes his first experiences in cinematography to radio dramas from which he developed the ability to visualize characters and environments from voices and sounds. This explains why, even as a cinematographer, Dan continues to place a high value on sound in visual storytelling.

Dan earned an MFA in film production from Chapman University where he served as the teaching assistant for esteemed educator and ASC cinematographer, Bill Dill. Before relocating to Southern California, Dan began his career as a cinematographer in Austin, Texas, where he shot numerous independent films and was privileged to work with several award-winning directors. With more than 200 shooting credits on features, commercials, television pilots, documentaries, music videos and short films, Dan's experience includes all film and digital formats from 35mm to HD.